How Pressure Washing Can Make Your Home Appear New

feng shui power washedThe outward appearance of a house is important to most homeowners. However, a dingy and dirty exterior makes a home lose its curb appeal. If you long to see your home’s exterior shining bright, or if you’re prepping before giving it a new coat of paint, professional power washing is the way to go. Many of our insights come from our conversations with ViperTech Mobile, a professional cleaning company based out of Houston, Texas

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is the best way to get rid of dirt and grime buildup using pressurized water spray. Pressure washing is a vital step to take before applying a new paint. The new paint will last longer if applied over a clean surface. Furthermore, exterior pressure washing is perfect when you’re preparing to sell your home because any potential buyer will see how the surface looks and whether it’s appealing or not.

Not only does exterior power washing enhance the appearance of your home, but it likewise makes it safer by washing away slippery and dangerous mildew that can quickly build up on concrete surfaces that are left unattended. Pressure washing is a vital part of maintenance for all outdoor structures. Regular power washing of your brickwork, siding, driveways, patios and terraces, porches and decks, walkways and sidewalks, pools, fences, outdoor furniture as well as playground equipment keeps them looking great. In case you are planning to stain, refinish or seal wood structures, such as decks, fences, and siding, power washing is a crucial preliminary step.

If you are not a professional, it is always advisable to let an expert do the pressure washing. Why then is it advisable to use a professional? The pressure washing machine has interchangeable tips that vary in both the intensity and width of the spray. A person who has no experience is likely to spray too close to the house or apply the wrong amount of pressure. Lack of knowledge can turn out to be costly when the water forces itself underneath the siding. Having water come underneath the siding can, and will, damage paint jobs and other sensitive surfaces.

An experienced pressure washing professional will know the amount of pressure to apply, the distance to stand from the structure as well as how to protect any exterior structure. Andrew also mentions, “The professional also understands the plants that can receive damage from chemicals used to clean the house.” Last but not least, professionals may have the appropriate equipment to recycle water. Recycling water is an essential practice in areas where the city manages storm runoff or has water bans set in place.

Tips On Creating a Calming, Restful and Peaceful Bedroom

peaceful bedroomBedroom ideally should be a retreat from the world, where we rest, relax and have a peaceful moment before we finally drift off to that refreshing and blissful sleep. However, most of us usually forget to give this grand room its proper design and tune, so it becomes that dream bedroom we always yearn to have. Would you like to make yours an appealing and quiet bedroom? Here are some great tips to consider.

Get a Better Bed

What constitutes a perfect bed? Well, different people have different opinions and ideas on how to create that ultimate cocoon for sleeping. Some say that a firm mattress is everything, others imagine that sinking into a soft one is peaceful and great. Whichever the case, your mattress has to be the right one that helps you relax and have that refreshing feeling as you sleep. Consider your family and what’s best for them. Plenty of room will be a big plus.

Soft Lighting

Bright light in your bedroom is just visual noise that can even make you stay awake for minutes after you switch it off. Instead of having a large interior lighting at the ceiling, it would be great to have several small lamps at appropriate points in your bedroom. A nightstand, little dresser, and tall dresser are enough to make your bedroom a peaceful and calming place of refuge at night.

Reading Nook

Have you ever thought of setting one corner of your bedroom as a place of reading? If not, then this is a very great idea you ought to consider. Reading should be a peaceful and quiet activity that helps you both relax and unwind. Apart from gaining knowledge and getting great ideas, reading can transport you mentally from an environment that’s noisy to a peaceful one. Get a reading lamp and a small table. Once you complete setting your reading nook, make use of it. It is an awesome way of bringing peace to your bedroom.


Have some pleasing and calming scents can help you set a peaceful bedroom environment. Research shows that some scents including jasmine, lavender, and others have a calming and relaxing effect that helps create a friendly environment. However, when you decide to use scents, go for your favorite one, so you truly fall in love with your bedroom and enjoy luxuriously scented and peaceful nights.

Eliminate anything that’s a nuisance in your bedroom and bring in all those elements that make your bedroom a peaceful place of retreat. You need peace and calm environment after a long tiring day. Make your bedroom a beautiful place of retreat away from the hassles of the world.

Feng Shui Decoration Sensation

house full of fen shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art, and to this day, it is very useful. For some, they may not believe about Feng Shui, but some aspects of the art cannot be refuted as it’s based on common sense. Feng Shui is a great system for beautifying your home and let the good energy flow through. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone. So, without any more delay, let’s explore some ideas on how you can decorate your home with Feng Shui principles.


One of the fundamentals of Feng Shui is all about having a clutter-free home and organizing your stuff. Before you can even start decorating, it’s imperative that you remove the clutter from your home. Also, hold your belongings in a way that it’s not messy.


Good lighting and fresh air are another fundamental aspects of Feng Shui. Whenever possible, always make use of natural light to lighting a home or room. Natural light is a great way of keeping out the bad vibes, and can even cure depression. If natural light is limited, ensure that you layer your lighting. Layering your lighting means that you make use of light at different levels. For example, you have a ceiling lamp, floor lamp, and table lamps. In Feng Shui, limiting the room to one lighting sources has the tendency to attract dangerous and depressing energy.

Color Scheme

Color has a big impact on your mood, and this is the reason it’s critical that you pick the right color scheme for a room.In Feng Shui, choosing the right color scheme for a home largely depends on the energy map of your home, or also known as Bagua energy plan.

Bagua is a subject that’s a bit complex, and this article is too short to explain it to the detail. But the basic goes something like this, first determine the Feng Shui area of a room, then decorate in a way that amplifies the natural energy of the area.

For example, if a room is in the south of the Bagua area (which is Flame and Wood area in the Bagua map), then it’s a good idea to color it pick a color scheme like purple, yellow, orange and red, complimented by dark brown and green.


Materials And Shapes

According to Feng Shui, the suitable forms and materials in a room refer to the Bagua map. The same idea applies, determine the right Feng Shui area, and decorate accordingly.

For this example, let us use a North area in the Feng Shui, which is water. For decorating ideas, use wavy shapes that resemble water. For materials, make use mirror-like surfaces, glass, and metal as these will compliment the Water energy. What you don’t want is too many wooden decors and furniture as this belongs to the Wood area of the Feng Shui Bagua and it would cause a conflict of energy.


The most important thing is to try to achieve balance. It doesn’t mean that an area is North of the Feng Shui Bagua that you should only use orange and red colors and all wooden furniture and decor. The idea here is to make it a central theme, not everything. Therefore, don’t be afraid to add some colors and decorations that are from a different element, but use it sparingly. Adding different elemental colors will give any room a balanced look and feel.

Feng Shui is a good system to learn or use when it comes to beautifying your home. Feng Shui is a big subject, but you can start by focusing on de-cluttering and organizing your home, capture as much natural light as possible and pick the right color scheme, materials, and shapes. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate colors and form from other elements to achieve a balanced look and feel.